RTG 2450 / GRK 2450


Descriptions of the Research Projects

The common theme of all problems addressed in the RTG is concerned with the foundations of simulation methods from atomistic to mesoscopic resolution. Chemical details matter, and the question is, how those affect macroscopic properties and vice versa, how macroscopic properties steer processes at the molecular level. These problems exhibit an inherent recursiveness, coupling processes on different time-and/or length-scales.



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P1: Adhesion and Friction between Solid and Soft Matter at Multiple Scales

P2: Degradation Mechanisms in Organic Electronics

P3: Multiscale Modeling of Chemical Vapor Deposition

P4: Disulfide Shuffling in Proteins on Multiple Scales

P5: A Multiscale Treatment of Kinase Function

P6: Scalable Computing Techniques

P7: Accelerated Sampling Techniques

Associated Projects

Interdisciplinary interactions between chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, computer science and philosophy in projects P1-7.
Interdisciplinary interactions in projects P1-7.